This is not a gym. Our emphasis is not on lifting weights but on directing you towards a healthier lifestyle.

If your daily routine doesn’t involve enough physical activity then you probably need more exercise, or in other words fitness.


Therapeutic restorative or corrective gymnastics is a method in kinesitherapy and rehabilitation for correcting and strengthening the wrong posture, eliminating pain in the shoulder girdle, back and neck. The causes may lie both in changes to the disk space and in the vertebrae themselves. Often, the problem comes from “moving” adjacent vertebrae (so-called spondylolisthesis) to one another.

Exercise exercises include exercises of applied nature for correcting and adjusting the spine, strengthening the paravertebral muscles, elasticity and endurance. Release of spinal cord nerves, pain relief and limited mobility.


Due to its specific physical characteristics, the aquatic environment is much different from the air environment: with higher resistance, longer inertial forces, temperature, lift, etc. All of these features increase the effect of physical work many times over dry workouts.

  1. Balance and coordination are very well practiced.
  2. Develop muscle strength and endurance in a very elegant and atraumatic way. Muscles literally sculpt in water, increase their strength without hypertrophy, which means that the muscles acquire a slightly elongated spindle-like foramen, while being healthy, strong and tight.
  3. Unlike dry workouts in the gym, the likelihood of winding, twisting, or saying babe’s „tearing“ is many times less.
  4. Higher durability (quality that enables a certain type of work to be performed for a long time without intense, insurmountable fatigue)
  5. The work of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems is extremely favorable
  6. Has a pronounced tempering effect
  7. Has a strong positive influence on the psycho-emotional tone (in other words – being in water is fun and nice :))


Terrain therapy (therapeutic walking) is a type of active kinesitherapy in which the most automated movement habit in humans – walking, is used for therapeutic purposes. This is done by getting used to and training the body to gradually increase physical activity.


Dance therapy is a trend in modern medicine, but its roots date back to antiquity. Dance therapy has been tested for millennia – absolutely reliable and the most enjoyable remedy for treating many diseases and ensuring health and longevity. Dance therapy is quite effective. According to statistics, dancers live long and are happy people. They retain young soul and body until old age. Dancing is not an elixir of immortality, but they are an elixir of eternal youth.