“ Traditional massage


Massages are a valuable healing and prophylactic tool. Through them, on one hand, you can achieve significant reduction in the complaints of the patient – there is an anesthetic, calming effect. On the other hand, massages have a beneficial effect on the course of a given condition, improving tissue nutrition and speeding up the healing process. Third, massages have a pronounced prophylactic effect – they increases the body’s defenses and its resistance to colds and infectious diseases.


»Therapeutic massage


Pomorie mud treatment – Healing mud is formed in salt ponds or estuaries. The so-called RAPA contains more than 83 trace elements, calcium, magnesium and others, which treat the diseases of the already mentioned systems. The most common method is the application, as well as mud baths or the Egyptian method – smearing the whole body and drying, then washing. Mud has very strong healing properties, reducing inflammatory processes in muscles, joints and tendons.


»Paraffin therapy


Paraffin treatment is also practiced for joint problems, but when they are chronic, not in the acute phase. Warmed paraffin dilates the blood vessels and relaxes the muscles. However, the effect does not appear immediately, but must wait a while. Paraffin treatment should be practiced with care, because if overheating occurs, the normal flow of blood may be impaired.


»Treatment with Pomorie lye


Black Sea lye has a proven medical effect – it is used in the treatment and prevention of diseases related to the musculoskeletal mechanism, skin inflammations and wounds, varicose veins, colds and colds.


»Apparatus Physiotherapy – Ultrasound / Phonophoresis /


It is a device that has the ability to inject healing substances into the human body in depth. It has a pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect, as well as a therapeutic effect on PNS, neuralgia, plexitis, disc processes, spondyloarthrosis, blockage of the intervertebral joints and more.


“ Anti-cellulite massage


The most popular method for treating cellulite is manual massage. Through it the tissue circulation is improved. Increased blood supply, on the one hand, carries more oxygen, which helps to burn fat, and on the other hand, provides lymphatic congestion and removes toxins and waste products of metabolism.


»Aroma therapy


Aroma therapy is the use of essential oils along with the classic techniques of massage. These oils have a calming and energizing effect and also help the skin.


Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic substances contained mainly in the flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds and roots of plants. They act as a catalyst and regulate plant metabolism, helping to adapt the plant to the environment.


»SPA Therapies


We offer the following SPA therapies: with clay, honey, wine, chocolate, rose, coffee, tea, with Dead Sea salts.


»Hammam-Turkish bath


A traditional procedure that blends the traditions of the Roman and Byzantine baths. This procedure improves the blood circulation of the skin and stimulates its secretory function as well as metabolism. It uses different fruit peels in combination with a bag / special glove /.



»Ultrasonic cavitation system


Directly directed to the fat layer, strong ultrasonic waves cause the deep-seated cellulite to vibrate. The fat cells were broken down for 5 to 10 minutes.


5 to 10 procedures are required. Following an ultrasound liposuction procedure, 85% of the fat is discharged from the body through the lymphatic system. The liver will convert 15% of the fat into carbohydrates, which will be used for the daily energy needs of the body.


»Radio Frequency System (Bipolar)


High-frequency electrical current promotes fat metabolism and breakdown. The degraded fatty acids are eliminated through the lymphatic system (5-10 minutes).


»Vacuum massage with radio frequency lifting


»Classic facial cleanser


Procedures for classic facial cleansing: para-ozonator, mechanical cleaning, iontophoresis, darsonval, mask and cream.


»Radio frequency face lifting


In face-lifting, RF waves bombard cells that produce collagen-fibroblasts. The energy emitted from the nozzle warms them up, which leads to the production of collagen fibers, the dermis increases its strength and elasticity and produces a lifting effect.


»Diamond Microdermabrasion


Diamond microdermabrasion removes the upper epidermis of the skin for faster regeneration.